Top Seven Reasons to Join the Ruth S. Shur Fellows

1. IT’S STRENGTHENING THE LEAGUE – the MLD helps us recognize and address where the organizational development needs of the League are.  It takes some time but with intentional actions the MLD is helping Leagues become renewed, reenergized and stronger for the future to meet the growing need to protect the right to vote and expand citizen participation in our democracy.


2. IT’S PRESTIGIOUS - the Shur Fellows are an elite team and each fellow has an impressive League resume. This isn’t just another job; it’s also an acknowledgment of the amazing talents and skills that our League leaders have. 


3. IT’S ENGAGING OUR MEMBERS AND OUR COMMUNITIES - MLD is producing results in many ways: more visibility (internally and externally), increased partnerships with community groups, opportunities for member engagement, and a more positive attitude within the League


4. MLD LEAGUES ARE GROWING!!! – Leagues that are following best practices have seen net membership increase between 2% and 20% percent. In the past three years the overall national membership numbers have stabilized reversing the trend of a 3-5% annual decline in membership numbers since the 1970s. In 2013, 29 states experienced net growth, ranging from 2%-19%. In January 2014, 19 states experienced net growth ranging from 2%-20%. 


5. IT’S NEEDED – the League offers the community and the country important values – nonpartisan citizen education, action on vital issues, a reasoned and reasonable voice for responsive government, and an organization that counts on our members engage from the grassroots – from our communities. We are a cornerstone of our democracy! The MLD is making us stronger and better able to meet these needs.


6. IT’S ADAPTABLE - MLD is not a lot of extra work; it builds on what the Leagues are already doing. 


7. IT’S FUN!  - being a part of an active, enthusiastic and informed group of people is definitely FUN! Helping to strengthen the League by serving as a coach is personally fulfilling. There are over 170 state coaches and 26 national coaches in the program. And, we are always looking for more!