What is a Blog—and Why Does it Matter to the League?


  • An abbreviation of "weblog," blogs are Web sites that take the form of online journals, frequently updated with commentary on any number of topics. The "blogger" typically offers readers links to interesting information alongside his/her commentary.
  • Blogs exist on virtually every topic---from knitting and dog care, to politics and technology.  They are a fast-growing way for interested individuals to come together and share their experiences, views, and resources.
  • As of July 2006, there were more than 80 million blogs in existence. It is estimated that 175,000 new blogs are created each day, and more than 1.6 million blog posts are made per day.
  • There are thousands of political blogs—conservative, liberal, moderate and otherwise—that are being updated multiple times a day.


  • Our ability to raise money and recruit members depends on how much we can get the word out about the League’s great qualities.  Blogs are a fantastic way of doing this cheaply, quickly and easily.
  • Blogs are increasingly becoming a major news generator. Mainstream media sources are monitoring blogs for content and creating their own blogs-and we cannot afford to miss out.
  • Some of the major political blogs are now considered as trustworthy as traditional media sources, and have incredible numbers of daily readers.
  • Major nonprofits are noticing the impact of blogs on shaping the debate on issues. They are creating their own blogs and commenting on others to get their message out.


  • Work to integrate blog outreach into your regular media activities; developing relationships with key local bloggers by adding them to your press list, inviting them to League events, and making sure they know what you have to say on important issues.
  • Recognize key blogs as important opportunities to provide election or advocacy-related content. Many of your partner organizations may run their own blogs and would be happy to post messages written by your League.
  • Share, Share, Share! Share your experiences with Leagues around the country—and encourage them to take advantage of blogs in their areas!