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August 26 is Women’s Equality Day

Important Information for Voters as we honor the anniversary of the 19th Amendment

[YOUR TOWN] – August 26th marks the 96th anniversary of the constitutional amendment that granted women the right to vote. The League of Women Voters of [YOUR TOWN] is marking this historic occasion by engaging and empower voters to participate this year.

“With Election Day fast approaching, now is the time to make sure you, and the people in your life, are registered to vote at your current address. The deadline to register in [STATE] is [DATE]” said local League president [NAME].

“Women’s Equality Day is all about celebrating what we all, as Americans, can do to build a better democracy: VOTE! With so much at stake this election year, on the national stage as well as locally, the League is ready to help you get ready to vote.”  [ADD SENTENCE OR TWO ABOUT WHAT ELECTION ACTIVITIES YOUR LEAGE IS PROVIDING IN THE COMMUNITY/STATE SUCH AS VOTERS’ GUIDES, REGISTRATION EVENTS AND DEBATES]

“Please set aside just a few minutes to check on your registration status, as well as to start learning about the candidates and issues that will be on your ballot.” [NAME] said. “ [OR your League website] is the place to go for all of your election information in 2016!”

“Women who fought for the right to vote understood that voting is the key way to make an impact on the critical issues facing their communities,” [YOUR NAME] concluded.  “Women’s Equality Day is the perfect time to get ready and commit to vote this year” said [NAME].



For more information about the League of Women Voters of [STATE/CITY], please visit [URL] or contact [CONTACT INFO].



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