The 2014 Convention Workbook & Program is available as a single PDF file for download. It can also be downloaded as a series of individual sections based on content can be downloaded as individual PDFs:

  • Convention 2014 Schedules
  • Workshop and Training Information
  • Workbook Sections
    • Convention Rules and Procedures
    • The Elections Process
      • Process for Election of LWVUS Officers, Directors and Nominating Committee
      • Nominating Committee Process,
      • Nominations 2014-2016,
    • Proposed 2014-2016 LWVUS Program
    • Proposed LWVUS and LWVEF Budgets for The 2014-2016 Biennium
      • LWVUS and LWVEF Staffing Chart
    • Proposed 2014 Bylaws Amendments,
      • Certificate of Incorporation and Bylaws
    • LWVUS and LWVEF 2012-2014 Committee Report
  • At-A-Glance Schedule
  • Hotel Map
2014conventionworkbookprogram.pdf2.3 MB