All Leagues are to use the name and logo in a prominent position on their stationery, banners, publications, buttons and other League paraphernalia. 

Logo Design

There are two design options from which you can choose when using the logo.  They are:

Traditional Logo

Traditional League Logo

Open Logo


Logo Clearspace

The actual logo can be of any size. However, to ensure the visibility of the logo, it must be surrounded with a minimum amount of clearspace. This isolates the logo from competing elements such as photography, text or background patterns that may detract attention and lessen the overall impact. Using the logo in a consistent manner across all applications helps to both establish and reinforce immediate recognition of the LWV brand.

Traditional Logo

For the traditional logo design, the box is defined as being 5x tall.  The clearspace is the equivalent of 2/5 the height of the box or 2x, regardless of the size of the logo reproduced.

Open Logo

For the open variation of the logo design, the height is defined at 4x.  The clearspace is the equivalent of 1/2 the height from the top of the LWV to the bottom of the swoosh in the open variation or 2x, regardless of the size of the logo reproduced.

Obsolete Variations

Only the traditional and open logos depicted above should be used. The two obsolete variations of the logo design should no longer be used. They are:

Traditional Logo in the original color scheme

90th Anniversary Logo

If you are still using either of these obsolete logos in your print applications, we ask that you update to the correct version as soon as practicable.

Logo Colors

The official colors of the logo are Blue (PMS 294) for the square and Red (PMS 200) for the slash/swoosh. The logo should be used in the official colors whenever possible. However, this may vary by the number of colors used in your printed materials. For instructions on Color Variations, see Color Variations for Printed Materials at the end of this document.

Presentation of the League Name

The official font for use with the League name is Baskerville. Times Roman font is an acceptable substitute. The state or local League designation can be in Baskerville, Times Roman or Arial/Helvetica.

When using Baskerville (or Times Roman) the letters are spaced normally.


When using Arial or Helvetica the spacing between the letters must be expanded.

League of Women Voters®
of Kentucky

TIP: How to expand spacing between characters in Microsoft Word:

  1. Select the text that you want to change.
  2. On the home tab, click the font dialog box.
  3. Click the spacing box.
  4. Click Expanded or Condensed in the Spacing box, and then specify how much space you want. We recommend 2.5.

Logo Clearspace when using the League Name with the logo

When using the League name with the League logo, the clearspace rules allow for the positioning of the League name closer to the logo than other images, graphics or texts are allowed.  The League name can either be positioned to the right of the logo or centered beneath the logo.

Traditional Logo

When positioned to the right of the logo, the name should be placed no closer than 1x the distance from the box (about the end of the swoosh) and no further than 2x from the edge of the box and aligned to the bottom of the box. 

When positioned below the box, the name should be placed half the border (1x) below and centered.

Open Logo

When positioned to the right of the open logo, the name should be placed no closer than 1x the distance from the top of the “V” (about the end of the swoosh) and no further than 2x from the top of the “V” and aligned to the top of the letters. 

When positioned below the open logo, the name should be 1x below the bottom end of the swoosh and centered.

How to Use the Registration Mark “®”

When the logo is used by itself, the registration “®” mark should be placed at the top right corner of the logo’s box.

When the logo is used in conjunction with the League name, the registration “®” mark should be placed ONLY at the end of "League of Women Voters," to indicate that both the logo and the League name are trademarked.

Use the following  HTML code to make the registered mark (®): <sup>&reg;</sup>

Please note that the registration mark ® goes after the “League of Women Voters” and NOT after the state name.

Impermissible Logo Variations for Use

The design of the logo must not be altered. Text or graphic should not appear within the design of or adjoining the logo. The LWV logo can be used alongside another logo or graphics, such as with other graphics on the website banner or in coalition materials, so long as the logo design is distinct and self-standing.

Do Nots
No shape or logo or additional art may be placed on top of the logo design


Do nots
The logo design may not be incorporated into any other shape or graphic.

Do not place a white or colored bar beside the logo Do not place white or a color under or border the logo
Do not add a bar, text or outline to the logo.

File format for Print Materials


Word processing documents, website

Vector (AI, EPS and SVG)

Banners, stationery, brochures, billboards, etc.

What is a vector file?
A vector file is a graphic that is stored as mathematical formulae rather than pixels.  Common vector file types end with the extension AI, EPS and SVG. Vector files are easier to manipulate and have more creative options. These files can scale to fit a billboard and are ideal for stationery and other print materials such as brochures and publications.          

If you do not have Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or a similar program, you will not be able to open or manipulate the vector graphic (EPS or AI) files.  However, professional designers and printers (including places like Kinkos/FedEx) will be able to open and use these files.
Remember to tell your designer that the registered mark should be after the word “Voters” in League’s name,  if it is included with the logo.

Other things you need to know

Tip: How to Use the Logo in a Word Document
Most programs like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint allow you to insert a graphic into a document. Select the logo and file format you want to use and download onto your hard drive. You have two file options: JPG or PNG files. PNG files are larger and will give you better clarity and sharpness. You may have to resize the PNG graphic to fit your document.

  1. Download the logo onto your hard drive
  2. Open your document and place your cursor where you want the logo to appear.
  3. On the tool bar menu click “insert.”
  4. Click on picture.
  5. Click on “from file”
  6. Select the download logo you want to use.

Where to download logo files
You can download the logo files in various formats plus other helpful tools (like a printable version of these guidelines) from the League Logos: Available Downloads page.