As a volunteer organization, we must always be working on growing our membership. People will want to join the League if they believe we are doing important work and if they are asked to join. Local Leagues must make this a focus of every activity they do by simply and intentionally building membership “asks” into all of our work and creating a welcoming presence in our meetings and events.

Membership and Leadership Development. To assist Leagues in this area, LWVUS has created a program for membership development called the Membership Recruitment Initiative, which is a partnership between LWVUS, the state and local Leagues. This program focuses on issues and activities important to local Leagues and their communities. It helps develop plans and League skills to increase visibility and membership "asks" around those local issues/activities. It has specific elements, planning resources, leadership development, and coaching. There are resource materials available online for all Leagues to use. Eventually the successful components of the Membership Recruitment Initiative will be established in every state. If it has not started in your state, LWVUS will be working with state League leadership to establish it in your state over the next few years, and you can find the materials for use by all Leagues now on the LWVUS website at “For Members” “Membership Recruitment Initiative”.

Membership Dues and Per Member Payments. When a person joins the League, they pay membership dues. Your local League sets the dues rate. Out of those local League dues, your Leagues pays a Per Member Payment (PMP), which is a fee that helps fund state and national League activities. The dues you set locally should take into consideration the Per Member Payments that are due to the state and national Leagues with enough left over for your local work.