To be effective in the community, a League needs to be visible. People need to know what you are working on and where to find you. Successful Leagues create an opportunity for visibility each month, and that can range from something easy such as writing an Op-Ed or letter to the editor on an important community issue to something more robust such as seeking publicity around your forums and public events. There are many ways to increase the visibility of your League. One rests in developing relationships with local media (reporters, editors, managers from traditional and new media outlets). Another is through publicizing your calendar or activities/events.

The Leadership Team should consider the visibility element of every event and activity. (See the “Events and Activities Focusing Grid” in Appendix C) A Communications Toolkit is available on the LWVUS website at is under “For Members” “Leaders Section” “Public Relations”. In addition there are often press templates generated by LWVUS or your state League that can assist in media outreach. Feel free to “borrow” their language! They are easy to customize to fit your own local community. These templates are often updated each year for specific events and released in the Weekly Leaders Update email.

Some helpful “Media Hooks to Raise Visibility” can be found in Appendix K.